Friday, February 09, 2024

The Joy of Six 1202

Peter Geoghegan reminds us that, easy though it is to laugh at Liz Truss's PopCons, small groups backed by shady money have already reshaped our world.

Medical Xpress reports research that suggests the effects of being in the care system as a child last more than one generation: "This pioneering research paints a complicated picture of the vulnerability, disadvantage and resilience of care leavers. It highlights the persistence and inter-generational nature of the adversity they experience and demonstrates how disadvantage can be moderated through the provision of long-term care and support."

"The most worrying question is whether some apps could actually perpetuate harm and exacerbate the symptoms of the patients they’re meant to be helping." As experts worry over privacy issues, ineffectiveness and even harm, says David Cox, the UK is looking at whether the plethora of digital mental health tools need regulating

"Not only was my reaction not unique, it was almost universal. Fans and even fellow Grammy artists cried; that’s how much Joni Mitchell means to the droves of us who grew up with her supreme artistry as the virtual and sometimes literal soundtrack to our lives." Amy Rogers on a lifetime with Joni Mitchell's music.

"Giamatti makes this one of the best films of the last ten years. With the tiniest screwing-up of his odd eyes - or his nerdy running style, with the knees raised too high – he makes you laugh without saying a word. And, when he does say something, he can inject humour or sadness with the tiniest inflection." Harry Mount enjoyed The Holdovers.

Chris Dyson visits some favourite York pubs.

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