Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Read Liberator and find out what's really going on in the Lib Dems

The new issue of Liberator is out and can be downloaded without charge from the magazine's website - it's issue 421.

Lord Bonkers has told me I shall start posting his latest diaries tomorrow, so today let's look at the Radical Bulletin section, which is the magazine's answer to Private Eye.

There you will find the latest on two disputes that threaten to rival Jarndyce v. Jarndyce. They are the one between former chair of the Liberal Democrats' East of England region Jo Hayes and the party over her expulsion, and the one between Sutton Liberal Democrats and David Campanale over their attempt to deselect him as the party's  candidate for Sutton and Cheam.

But two new topics caught my eye this time. Apparently, there are those at the top of the party who see the likelihood of an autumn election as a reason the Lib Dems should decided now to cancel, yet again, cancel their September Conference. Liberator reports that federal conference committee members were not impressed by the idea.

And just as the party has made progress in reducing the number of complains Lib Dem members make about one another, the federal board has adopted a new definition of bullying that includes the concept of 'upward bullying'. Who knows how many senior Lib Dems will think themselves the victim of this?

There are also items on Ed Davey's slow reaction to the burst of public anger at the Post Office Horizon scandal and his rapid reaction to that Guardian letter from prominent party figures about the lack of clear policies for the party to campaign on.

You can read more about why that letter was written, and about the reaction to it, in an article by Chris Bowers in this Liberator.

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