Sunday, March 01, 2009

Small boy at mercy of exploding golliwog

The Voice of Merrill DVD has only one extra: a selection of trailers for other films available from Odeon Entertainment.

One of them is Tomorrow at Ten from 1964. The cast includes Robert Shaw, William Hartnell and Kenneth Cope. And the plot? According to the Odeon Entertainment website:
A ruthless kidnapper and blackmailer called Marlowe (Robert Shaw) has abducted a young boy. After imprisoning the child in a deserted house, Marlowe gives him a toy golly for comfort. But hidden inside the golly is time bomb which is set to explode at ten the following morning.
I expect the film played for months in Ashby de la Zouch. It is not known whether a young Carol Thatcher travelled there to see it.

The child appears to have been played by one Piers Bishop. And following him on IMDB leads you to his only other film, Ballad in Blue. In it, to quote a review on the site, "Ray Charles gets top-billing as himself in this Paul Henreid (Casablanca) directed slice of swinging 60s London cheesecake".

Very unexpected. But not quite as unexpected as Matt Monro in Satan's Harvest (also available from Odeon Entertainment):
Although Matt had never acted before, he was persuaded by George Montgomery to feature in the feature length movie 'Satan's Harvest.' He starred opposite Tippi Hedren in this thriller filmed in South Africa in which Cutter Murdock inherits an estate in Africa and discovers that it is being used to grow cannabis and heroin.

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