Tuesday, August 04, 2009

St Albans Conservatives at war over Anne Main

St Albans Abbey yesterday

From that excellent newspaper the St Albans & Harpenden Review:

The future of MP Anne Main has sparked a civil war among St Albans Conservatives.

Chairman Seema Kennedy and her two deputies, Matt Peck and Mary Zambra, asked Mrs Main to step down, and have now called a meeting of the local party’s 300 members on August 13, to vote on her de-selection.

But an opposing faction is backing the MP and trying to remove Mrs Kennedy and Mr Peck from their posts ahead of the crucial vote.

Defying clear advice from the party's regional campaign director that it would be unconstitutional, 33 local Tories, claiming to be the branch's executive committee, met on Thursday, and issued a statement backing Mrs Main and calling for Mr Peck to resign.

Later on the report quotes an unnamed executive council member as saying:
“Anne's conduct has been disgusting. She has tried to derail the democratic process. I am now firmly of the view she is not fit to be an MP.”


Anonymous said...

Forget the gimmickry in Totnes, this is grassroots Tory party politics at its most entertaining.

Gawain said...

This was in a Sunday paper with the added spice that (richer) Beaconsfield constituency party is threatening to withdraw the funding it provides for a worker in St Albans if Ms Main is forced out.