Wednesday, November 03, 2010

"The ConDems" is the new "Bliar"

From the The Snow in the Summer or So-So:
Received from the email pile:
Dear Weaver,The ConDems [....]
At this point, we switched off. Like «Bliar» before it, this wordplay might have been mildly amusing when it was first coined, but has long since moved past its chortle-by date. It's become symptomatic of a weak and vapid lack-of-argument. If you have a strong case, you will be able to make it and give respect to your opponents. If you have a weak case, you will need to distract with shrill words and glossy imagery.
Well said.

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Contented Lib Dem said...

I think the 'ConDems' is the equivalent of ZaNuLabour. Utterly juvenile.