Monday, November 01, 2010

Six of the Best 103

Birkdale Focus reports that council by-elections continue to be far more rewarding for the Liberal Democrats than the national opinion polls would lead you to expect.

With the verdict in the Phil Woolas case due on Friday, Saddleworth News looks back to recent parliamentary contests in the area - the 1995 by-election in particular.

A Liberal Helping offers some reflections from the East Midlands regional conference.

The Commons is taking internet privacy far more seriously these days, says The Register: "One possible difference was the nature of the new intake, with 2010 members, such as Julian Huppert, Lib Dem MP for Cambridge, intervening at length and knowledgeably on the subject. By contrast, the low attendance by Labour MPs and their almost complete lack of participation in the debate was noted by others present."

Always Win When You're Singing has a recipe for chocolate banana loaf.

Did you know there were tunnels under New York built to transport cattle? Gothamist has the details.

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