Tuesday, November 02, 2010

From Shropshire to Porthmadog

After Saturday in Clun and Sunday in the Stiperstones, I left Shropshire and England on Monday, catching the train from Shrewsbury to Porthmadog. I had to stand for two or three stations, but after that it was a lovely ride.

We were passed by a steam excursion at Machynlleth and west of there the route ran through long wooded valleys until we reached the coast. It must be spectacular at this time of year.

The line splits at Dovey Junction - a strange, remote station almost in the Dovey estuary. One line runs south to Aberystwyth and the other north up the coast to Pwhelli. This is the line I took, passing through numerous small resorts until we reached Porthmadog.

I travelled there partly because of a couple of local attractions. One of those is the narrow gauge Ffestiniog Railway, which you see in my photograph crossing The Cob - a causeway across the mouth of the Afon Glaslyn - with the town in the background.

And I went partly for old time's sake. I first came here in 1977 on a coach trip with my Mum. It was the day before the public holiday to mark the Queen's Silver Jubilee and every village we passed through in Mid Wales had the bunting out.


Sian To said...

What is it with you and Shropshire? you always seem to be there....
I have an excuse. I was born at RAF Cosford and raised in Newport. We m oved to jollyold Leicestershire when I was 11 but I am a Shropshire gal through and through. xx

dreamingspire said...

You may call if Ffestiniog, as do very many others, but the 1988 share certificate says Festiniog and company papers use 'The Festiniog Railway Company' and 'Sefydlwyd 23 Mai 1832 gan Ddeddf Seneddol / Established 23rd May 1832 by Act of Parliament'. Company documents sent out use both spellings.
Companies House records that Festiniog Railway Society Limited was registered in 1954 and in 1957 changed the name to Ffestiniog. No sign at Companies House of an 1832 company, or indeed of any company named Festiniog.
http://www.festiniograilway.org.uk/ doesn't really explain this.
The other railway, Welsh Highland, seems to be almost ready to go!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post - reminds me of many family holidays to Porthmadog in the 1970s. Often walked by the sides of the tracks in the picture but it was usually drizzling rather than sunny!

Tristan said...

I know the line very well, I've spent many hours going to Aberdyfi and Llwyngwril to visit my Grandmother.

Last time I had the dubious pleasure of standing at Dyfi Junction in the pouring rain and high wind waiting for the connecting train from Aberystwyth after everyone was kicked off the train for unknown reasons.

On a nice day its a lovely journey though. Pity the trains are now so infrequent...