Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Herd: I Don't Want Our Loving to Die

This is another of the sixties tracks where I have always known the song but probably could not tell you the name of the band that recorded it.

The Herd was a South London band given, in the happy phrase of Wikipedia, "a unique blend of pop and flower power" by the songwriters Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley. This was their most successful single, reaching number five in March 1968.

It's most significant member was Peter Frampton, here a fresh-faced young guitarist who must have been all of 18. Indeed, he was named as "The Face of 1968" by the teen magazine Rave.

He was later to form Humble Pie with Steve Marriott of the Small Faces, before enjoying a brief but spectacular period of success in the US with the LP Frampton Comes Alive! The singles from that LP had a gimmick, using a voice box with his guitar - try Show Me the Way.

In 1978 he starred with the Bee Gees in Robert Stigwood's film Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and was rarely heard of again.

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