Thursday, November 04, 2010

Lib Dem councillors cleared of misconduct after complaint by Phil Woolas

From the Manchester Evening News:
Town hall bosses have been cleared of misconduct following a row over a new mosque.

Council leader Howard Sykes was among seven Lib Dem councillors accused of ‘fast-tracking’ the planning application for a mosque on Waterloo Street, Glodwick.

But an investigation has now ruled they did not bring the council or their office into disrepute.

Councillors Jackie Stanton, Mark Alcock, Roger Hindle, Lynne Thompson, Mohammed Masud and former councillor Mohammed Mohib Uddin have also been cleared.

Labour MPs Phil Woolas and Michael Meacher sparked the investigation after accusing the Lib Dems of rushing the plans through ahead of May’s elections in order to win votes.

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Frank Little said...

In view of this - well, draw your own conclusions.