Friday, November 19, 2010

Six of the Best 108

About Power complains of the poor standard of current political commentary - particularly in the Guardian: "Many (but not all) politicians, journalists and some people in non-mainstream media seem to be indulging in a frenzy of vitriol. Sometimes the sheer lack of perspective and the level of self-delusion is staggering. Much of it seems driven by a hatred of the Tories and a disbelief that the Lib Dems did not do their duty and form a coalition with the Labour party seems to blind people to the context of our current politics."

"The Libel Reform Campaign has today made out its case for radical reform of libel laws as they affect the internet and in particular the "citizen journalist", reports Evan Harris on his Political Science blog for the Guardian.

The Contented Lib Dem dissects a very odd Guardian article by Grace Dent.

Could we rethink the Euro? asks The Real Blog nicely.

The Idiot's Lantern pays tribute to Jack Duckworth and Bill Tarmey.

Tiddles, the church cat from Fairford in Gloucestershire, is remembered by a suitably shaped gravestone, finds English Buildings. Philip Wilkinson also makes the sage observation: "Often, of course, the process of ‘getting’ a cat is rather passive. A cat arrives, and if the humans are welcoming enough, the cat stays."

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