Monday, November 15, 2010

Six of the Best 108

Following the Liberal Democrats' internal elections, Liberal Bureaucracy is dissatisfied with the rules for them: "Why on Earth don't we allow candidates for the Presidency access to the membership list? After all, they're meant to represent the members, and the more able they are to reach them in the campaign phase (and don't worry, the £7,500 spending limit prevents anyone from going mad...), the better."

The Guardian claimed that "anti-Tory" candidates did well in those elections. As Caron's Musings points out, all the candidates were anti-Tory.

Northern Neil argues that "What we need is less graduates not more tuition fees". Make that "fewer" graduates and I am with you.

Birkdale Focus writes about my hero Charles Masterman and reminds us that his widow, Lucy Masterman, survived him by more than 50 years and was still around in Liberal circles in the 1970s.

Jonathan Rée writes about the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche for New Humanist: "Nietzsche’s star has been rising since the 1950s: his life and work have benefited from tremendous efforts of scholarship, translation and interpretation, and eminent professional philosophers have taken to sporting a few Zarathustrian exotica – the assaults on truth, on morality, and on philosophy itself – to add dash and dazzle to their otherwise sombre intellectual wardrobe."

Flannelled Fools reveals Arthur Conan Doyle's claim to cricketing fame. He took only one first-class wicket:, but it was that of the legendary W.G. Grace.

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