Saturday, November 13, 2010

Six of the Best 107

At times like this Colin Rosenstiel is simply indispensable. Hurry over to his website for stage-by-stage coverage of today's internal Liberal Democrat elections.

Aung An Suu Kyi's release this morning has prompted Mark Cole to recall his own flirtation with Burma.

Conservative MP Douglas Carswell (I am not sure how to describe his politics, but he is no one's idea of a traditional Tory) has doubts about Michael Gove's announcement on school funding: "It puts in place the architecture of even greater central state control. Can you imagine ministers starting to attach various conditions in return for the funding schools get? We might like the bit about "proper history", but what about the things lefty ministers will demand?" He also links to a paper he has written that suggests an alternative way of reforming education funding.

Landscape PING! is not at all impressed by De Montort University's new business school.

Whereas The Widow's World now understands Coventry Cathedral.

Finally, the Huffington Post has some striking photographs of an abandoned station on the New York subway.


David said...

The Huffington Post photos of City Hall station reminded me of the Donald Pleasance horror film "Death Line" ( set in an unused London tube station called Museum. The crazed cannibal living in the underground keeps repeating, "Mind the doors".

Jonathan Clarke said...

Many thanks for the link, and apologies for my rather tardy response!

Jonathan Clarke