Wednesday, November 24, 2010

David Laws interviewed - and returning to government?

David Laws is interviewed by Helen Duffett on Lib Dem Voice about his new book 22 Days in May:
Why have you published this book now? You said you wanted to get matters on the record, but why not write it now and publish it in ten years? That’s the way memoirs used to work, so why so keen to publish after only six months? Isn’t history better judged from a distance?

I think it’s important for us now that people in the country understand how we made the decisions we made in May 2010, and what factors were uppermost in our minds. And also that we nail some of the misrepresentations that have come out from some of the others involved in the talks, particularly on the Labour side, where people have attempted to claim that we went into the negotiations with some sort of preconception about what type of deal we wanted. And actually what the book shows is that if we went in with any preconceptions at all, it was that a coalition with Labour would be considerably easier to deliver if the electoral maths enabled it, than a coalition with the Conservative party.
Meanwhile, BBC News is reporting that the prime minister has said that he would like to see Laws return to government:
Asked if he would like Mr Laws in his top ministerial team again, Mr Cameron told journalists "yes, and soon".

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