Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Guardian is turning into a comic

Today's Guardian has a feature introduced as follows:
"Ellen White took part in this week's protest. George Norman did not. We brought them together to thrash out their differences.
An interesting idea. But guess which school George Norman used used to attend?

Go on, guess.

That's right. Eton.

It's a classic pieces of polytoynbeeism. And so the poor old Guardian's decline into a comic for public sector workers steepens.


Unknown said...

It sounds like Newsnight had a better debate:

When I saw the title of your post in Lib Dem Blogs I thought for a moment you were referring to Steve Bell's cartoons. He has also gone downhill, although it started a while back. It's depressing that a lot of the Guardian's comment is being overtaken by snark - not just Steve Bell's cartoons but also Simon Hoggart's sketches.

If you don't believe me have a look at him calling Ed Miliband a "wuss" for taking paternity leave (yes, really!):

Foregone Conclusion said...

It's an import from America, really. It's so much easier to write a feature with two polar opposites than a more nuanced piece. Especially in a media with an increasing bias for sensationalism.

Mark said...

if we're having a pile in on Simon Hoggart, let me throw in the way he continually mocks Sir Peter Tapsell's speech impediment - cheap and pathetic.

Yes, George Norman did attend Eton - and he came across as muddled and incoherent. Worrying really, bearing in mind we're relying on his ilk to be running the country in thirty years time...

Anonymous said...

Can I point out here (as someone who had the mispleasure of knowing him at Eton) that George Norman wasn't technically educated at Eton and he doesn't qualify as an Old Etonian. The Guardian peace is astonishingly misleading in this regard, using someone who isn't even a member of the community to tar all of Eton with the same brush.

Anonymous said...

A few corrections, sorry:

Guardian piece*

It's true that he did spend time at Eton but he did not matriculate there and is not an OE.