Saturday, November 06, 2010

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Evan Harris on a trampoline

In London yesterday I was astounded to bump into our own Dr Evan Harris. I had assumed that he perished when the locals, armed with pitchforks and flaming torches, finally succeeded in breaking into his laboratory in the surprisingly mountainous country between Oxford and Abingdon and flung his experiments into a passing mountain stream.

While in rude health, he turns out to be at something of a loose end and I am pleased to be able to offer him work on the British mission to Mars – albeit as a trampoline coach.

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Cornishjim said...

Your mountainous is not wrong. I cycled Abingdon - oxford nearly every day for 2 years & its bloody steep.
During the dry weather illegally cycled along the Thames - much nicer, if longer.

dreamingspire said...

So how come the rowing coaches can cycle along the Thames? (Certainly they used to - have not been there for a while.)

frozengwyn said...

Yes, but was Cornishjim actually on the (frozen) Thames?


dreamingspire said...

I remember it frozen, and I think that a small car was driven (or perhaps pushed) across it during that freak spell. Many years later I learned from a more recent friend that she was skating on the Cherwell at the same time.