Saturday, November 13, 2010

Duncan Hames is a have-a-go hero

The Lib Dem MP for Chippenham chased a man who snatched a bag from a woman in the town, reports BBC News:
Duncan Hames said he had been sitting in his car at traffic lights on Friday when he saw the theft.

He pulled over, spoke to the woman to make sure she was unhurt and chased after the thief through Monkton Park.

He said a cyclist who also saw what happened managed to retrieve the bag. Mr Hames said he had reported the incident to Wiltshire Police.
We Liberal Democrats have a talent for this sort of thing. Three years ago Andrew Phillips made a citizen's arrest of a 10-year-old. (They can be quite big these days, you know.)


Unknown said...

Sorry but I really don't know what instinct takes over people in those cirdcumstances, but I wouldn't use the word heroic to describe it. If he had caught up with the person, and they'd had a knife or something, he could have been killed.

A handbag pales into insignificance next to a life.

He checked that the woman was ok. That was enough.

A few years ago my husband spotted some people breaking into our neighbour's shed. Rather than call the Police, he sprinted round there and chased them. He also was lucky he wasn't killed. It still fills me with horror when I think what could have happened - and all for a pressure washer.

dreamingspire said...

Oh Dear! A script from has now been added to this comment window.