Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A workshop on the culture of blogging

This afternoon I took part in a workshop on 'The Culture of Blogging' as part of Community Media Week. The event took place in the training room at BBC Radio Leicester (across the road from the Guildhall and Cathedral) and I was interviewed by John Coster from Citizens' Eye and answered questions from an audience of 20.

I talked about learning journalism and magazine production in the days before desktop publishing and of the punk ethic of blogging - everyone can have a blog, just as everyone can be in a band. And as someone who has had his ups and downs as a (spare-time) freelance journalist, it is great to be able to write what you want without having to work at selling yourself to get a commission.

The discussion also strayed into corporate PR (which I do for a living these days) and the ways that blogging can contribute to making an organisation look more human.

The time flew by and I think everyone enjoyed it, so many thanks to John for inviting me.

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Russell Pollard said...


Thanks very much for your insight into blogging and I do like the description of "punk" / "skiffle" to liberate people to just "get on and do it", and write what they want.
I mentioned my blog which is in a different style www.Artsakh.Org.UK which is around the issues and plight of people in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Artsakh in Armenian) in the South Caucasus.
Recognising your comments about having 2 blogs, I do like the idea of a more "diary-like" version where quick comments can be made....today will be Day 1!