Friday, November 15, 2013

Now the WebCameron is airbrushed out of history

Earlier this week I blogged about the Conservative Party's decision to do all it can to remove the last 10 years of its history from the web.

Now, reports the Guardian, it has deleted numerous videos too. These include the 'WebCameron' videos, launched with a great fanfare in 2006.

At the time David Cameron said of them:
"I want to tell you what the Conservative party is doing, what we're up to, give you behind-the-scenes access so you can actually see what policies we're developing, the things that we are doing, and have that direct link ... watch out BBC, ITV, Channel 4, we're the new competition. We're a bit shaky and wobbly, but this is one of the ways we want to communicate with people properly about what the Conservative party stands for."

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