Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Captain Cobbler by Keith Melton

Keith Melton, who fought Lincoln for the Liberals in 1979 and Cleethorpes  for the Liberal Democrats in 1997, as well as fighting Lincolnshire in the 1994 European elections, has published his first novel.

Captain Cobbler: The Lincolnshire Uprising, 1536 tells how Nicholas Melton, a shoemaker from Louth, confiscated the keys to the Church of St James in the town, to prevent Commissioners of Thomas Cromwell from stealing the church silverware.

It was a straightforward community protest, but it rapidly escalated during the week to become a widespread uprising against the tyranny of the government of King Henry VIII,  and his chancellor, Baron Thomas Cromwell.

Keith has been researching and writing the novel to tell the story of his namesake for over seven years since his retirement from Nottingham Trent University, where he was the founding Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development in Business.

Read more on the Captain Cobbler 1536 blog.


Phil Beesley said...

Keith Melton was formerly Liberal candidate for Broxtowe, or something similar in the 1980s.

Keith Melton said...

Hey! Thanks for the plug - unexpected and much appreciated!!
And Hi to all former colleagues...

And, to Phil, I came second to Jim Lester in Broxtowe in 1983 and we were doing really well in 1987 at the start of the campaign - instead of avoiding us in the street electors were coming up to speak to me ...UNTIL David Owen said the Alliance would probably support Mrs Thatcher after the election - from that point onwards people avoided me in the shopping centre and we ended up coming third. Ah well - that's life I guess!