Sunday, November 24, 2013

Six of the Best 400

"Those at the top don’t like critical feedback. Their systems and structures are hardwired to clamp down on independent thought and criticism. Things only change when the opposition becomes so great that it’s impossible to ignore, or the institution suffers a setback that it cannot understand the cause of. Such as a general election defeat." A Dragon's Best Friend suggests that Labour (and all other parties) are not suited to make good use of social media.

Good Morning Britten previewed BBC Radio 3's Benjamin Britten birthday weekend, all of which is now available via the station's website.

"The Doctor may be old but Bruce Forsyth has been around longer. Apparently part of the rational for commissioning Dr Who was to see off the damage being done to the BBC’s Saturday night audiences by Sunday Night at the London Palladium hosted by Bruce Forsyth. What was on immediately before the Day of the Doctor? Strictly Come Dancing hosted by Bruce Forsyth!" Matter of Facts offers some thoughts on another birthday.

America is a terrified country, says Noam Chomsky in an interview with Salon.

After reading this piece in The New Yorker you will never see lifts quite the same way again.

"This small part of Yorkshire owes a great deal to the Andean alpaca, which is why you often see them being led on leads around Roberts Park." Tom Salmon visits Saltaire for under a grey star....

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