Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Six of the Best 397

Photo of Jumbo by
David Hawgood
We must pay more attention to the mental health needs of children, says Paul Burstow on Liberal Democrat Voice.

"Here was its former leadership sitting at a table with exactly the kind of moderate Muslims we are always being told fundamentalists and jihadis do not represent: democrats; secularists; universalists - defenders of what, for convenience, are often referred to as 'Western' values. But the reaction on much of the left has not been one of delight, but one of scorn and cynicism." Jacobinism writes about the recantation of the leaders of the English Defence League.

Annie Lowrey, in the New York Times, looks at the proposal for a basic income in Switzerland.

Jo Hayes tells us that Colchester's Jumbo water tower has been saved from insensitive redevelopment.

"It’s a terrible thing being a biographer," she said. "One is such a rat." Again in the New York Times, Artemis Cooper talks about her life Patrick Leigh Fermor.

Pints and Pubs introduces us to a new Cambridge pub: "There are a quarter of an acre of tunnels under Peas Hill which were fitted out and used as air raid shelters for 400 people during the War."

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