Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lib Dems call for better access at Market Harborough station

If you want to catch a train going north from Market Harborough station you just walk up a ramp to the platform. But if you want to go south you have to tackle a flight of steps.

This is a problem, not just to people who use wheelchairs, but also to young families and people who are not so mobile.

The station staff will take you across the track so you can use the ramp from the other platform - I once persuaded my mother to ask if she could do this chiefly so I could accompany her - but they have to phone up first and it all takes time.

Local Liberal Democrat councillors Sarah Hill, Phil Knowles and Barbara Johnson have taken up the campaign and what transport minister Susan Kramer (also a Lib Dem) to be invited to the town to see the situation and meet campaigners.

The Leicester Mercury quotes a spokeswoman for Network Rail as saying: "A bid for improving access to the station is scheduled to be sent to the Department for Transport in the next few weeks."

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Anonymous said...

Clearly a northern conspiracy!