Thursday, November 21, 2013

Six of the Best 399

"The deeply shocking reality is that over one-third of MPs, half of senior doctors and over two-thirds of High Court judges come from private school backgrounds despite these schools educating less than 10% of the population." Jack Smith considers the aftermath to John Major's intervention on social mobility for the Tory Reform Group's Egremont blog.

"The dangers of such an unholy alliance between the highly customized advertising excesses of modern capitalism and the data-gathering excesses of the modern surveillance state are obvious: Internet companies are licensed to collect and analyze as much information as possible precisely because the state may one day ask them for it." On Boston Review Evgeny Morozov writes on the authorities' online spying.

Sam M├ęzec looks at political radicalism on Jersey in the 1950s.

Municipal Dreams explains how Liverpool Tories came to build the first council housing in Europe.

"Thankfully I haven’t had his frustration at not getting the right parts and feeling under appreciated, or the fact that he initially felt he was taking a backward step by doing something for children in Doctor Who." David Bradley discusses his acting career and playing William Hartnell with York Mix.

Joe Moran offers a lecture on the lecture.

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