Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tory peer claims London cyclists try to get themselves run down

My Headline of the Day yesterday was the Daily Mirror's
Tory peer calls for clampdown on mooning after 40 schoolkids expose their backsides at him and wife
The peer in question was the Conservative Lord James of Blackheath. The rest of his speech was even more bizarre.

He told his peers:
In its wisdom, the Times ... is pursuing, to a ludicrous degree, the cause of cyclists to the point where they are creating a new and separate society in London, in which cyclists think they have a superior law and control over everybody in a motor car. This is going to lead to some catastrophic accidents very soon. 
On three mornings, driving up the A3 in the Balham and Clapham area, I have seen cyclists put their cycles up against the central reservation—not the line where the bus lane is—stand in the middle of the road with a camera and defy you to run them down while they photograph you doing it. That is what they are longing for.
How one warms to those schoolchildren!

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