Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thomas Cook's grave in Leicester

Leicester's Welford Road cemetery opened in 1849 on what was then a hillside overlooking the city. I wandered round it this afternoon in the autumn gloom as, down below, the Tigers prepared to defeat London Irish.

With the help of a display board I found the grave of one famous citizen: Thomas Cook. One of the other family members buried here is his daughter Annie Elizabeth, an early victim of carbon monoxide poisoning from a gas water heater. She died at the family home in the London Road.


Anonymous said...

Thomas cook Rip , you must be tuning in your grave, after all the chaos of your company collapsing. We are all truly sorry to you, after what you created all those years ago, this is a sad sad day. Rest in peace. xx

Anonymous said...

I feel like the previous blogger/comment. As a previous employee of your wonderful company - I am heartbroken for you, all former colleagues and myself. You have been let down by those in high office who should have had the knowledge, skills and foresight to prevent this devastating result. Us Cookies will always love, respect and feel SO proud of working for your company. x x x x x