Thursday, November 28, 2013

Six of the Best 402

"This represents arguably the most xenophobic set of proposals put forward by a UK government since the Commonwealth Immigration Act 1968." Yesterday was not a good day to be a Liberal Democrat, says Andrew Page.

"A striking aspect of the Welsh Government’s legislative programme since the devolution of primary law-making powers has been the number of so-called framework bills presented to the Assembly. These skeletal laws contain little in the way of detail in terms of how a policy will be delivered in the Bill itself. Instead, they rely on a second layer of law, subordinate legislation or regulation, to flesh out the practical elements of the law when it comes into force." Lib Dem AM Eluned Parrott, writing on Click on Wales, argues that Labour's increasing use of framework legislation is subverting democratic accountability.

Steven Fielding examines the "enemy within" theme to be found in the cinema and television of the Thatcher era.

"When I first became World Chess Champion in 1985, the Soviet Union was still standing and Soviet chessplayers had been unchallenged since the disappearance of Bobby Fischer. Few could imagine then that we would see a match between an Indian and a Norwegian in less than 30 years." Garry Kasparov looks at Magnus Carlsen, the new word champion, for Time.

Municipal Dreams looks at Birmingham's council housing in the inter-war years.

The Public Domain Review introduces us to the British artist Eric Ravilious.

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