Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Garry Kasparov predicts a Magnus Carlsen victory in world chess title match

Garry Kasparov looks forward to the world chess championship match between the holder Viswanathan Anand and his young Norwegian challenger Magnus Carlsen on the Business Insider site:
Anand is a fantastic chessplayer who brings honor to the sport and to his nation with his skill and his boundless good nature. If he wins this match his high place on chess Olympus is assured. 
I am predicting a Carlsen victory because of his talent, his results, and the tides of chess history. I am rooting for a Carlsen victory because a new generation deserves a new champion. 
Most of all, I am hoping for big games, a hard fight, and a great boost for chess around the world as a legend and a legend in the making do battle in Chennai.
Winning some big games in a world title match would certainly help Carlsen's reputation.

To me, and this may be unfair, his rise has depended on his youthful stamina and his willingness to play on and on in positions that other grandmasters would give up as draws. These are admirable qualities, but you want something more in a world champion.

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