Thursday, November 07, 2013

Six of the Best 396

In a brilliant post, David Boyle lists the ten most disastrous decisions by UK governments since 1945: "5. The Iraq War (2003): A flawed project, paid for largely by the Chinese, which resulted in a million dead in Iraq alone and seemed to reveal the western powers as powerless and duplicitous."

Andrew Page selects 50 Lib Dems you must follow on Twitter.

Five Leaves Bookshop is coming to Nottingham, reports Strange Alliances.

Talking through my fingers looks at the history of telephone use and public health in Britain.

"I felt like we were intruding on Mr C. As if we’d interrupt him at work on a new manuscript. The housekeeper spoke not a word of English, but led us into his office…." Asia Obscura visits the home of the late Arthur C. Clarke.

Derelict London explores the city's long-lost burial grounds.

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wolfi said...

Thanks for the link to Arthur C Clarke! He's one of my favourite SF writers and I am a real fan and collector ...

Do you remember when he was accused of pederasty ? I was really shocked but it seems that he was innocent.