Friday, November 29, 2013

Lenny Harper on how Jersey is governed

Christopher Hitchens once described Ian Smith's Rhodesia as "Surrey with the lunatic fringe on top". You could say much the same about Jersey - a tax haven where people can be imprisoned for whistleblowing.

And if you don't believe me, listen to Lenny Harper. He is not a tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theorist but a hard-bitten cop who served in Belfast, South London and Glasgow before he tangled with the Jersey authorities.

The Coalition, in the shape of Tom McNally, has had the chance to do something about Jersey but has declined to take it.

This video came to me via The People's Voice and Voice for Children.


Iain Sharpe said...

Remember that Lenny Harper is also the person who announced when the police found a piece of coconut shell that it was the remains of a child. In the light of that it's hard not to treat his other comments with some scepticism.

Jonathan Calder said...

If you are going to comment on the videos on this blog, it might be a good idea to watch them before you do so.

Iain Sharpe said...

First, I wasn't commenting on the video, but Lenny Harper's general credibility. In terms of your post on whether he can be considered a 'tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theorist' or not.

The fact remains that he announced that they had found the remains of a child which actually turned out to be piece of coconut shell.


My impression is that he is given a very soft ride by a fawning interviewer.

He reminds me a bit of JFK conspiracy theorists - a latter day Jim Garrison perhaps.

Jonathan Calder said...

I have followed the link to the late Richard Webster's site and he appears to rely largely upon an article in the Daily Mail.

As you are so keen on ad hominem arguments, you will forgive me if I do not find this wholly convincing.

DenverGal said...

This is excellent. Getting the now covered up original police evidence out on a blog with high readership in UK and beyond is essential.

As soon as I saw that you'd posted this I came to warn you to expect trolls - whom we call the Coconutters because they have no interest in the actual forensic tests - who will not debate any factual evidence, thus rendering their claims as useless as links to infamous professional child abuse denialists. It appears to be quite an industry, but they are about as predictable as night following day.

The massive forensic finds documented by outside experts during the Lenny Harper team's orphanage excavation have been reportedly lost. No questions have been yet answered in the States of Jersey about whether all evidence was "lost" or destroyed, including the enormous blood-stained concrete bathtub found by Lenny Harper's team in the Haut de la Garenne cellars, which figured prominently in the accounts of abuse survivors and witnesses.

Thank you for bringing bright light to the dark corners of a very secretive isle. Lenny Harper's voice of informed experience and factual forensic evidence should be heard.

voiceforchildren said...

Iain Sharpe could be forgiven for believing the child's skull was a piece of coconut containing 1,6% collagen (only found in mammals) because this has been repeated so many times by a captured mainstream media who has not asked the questions, those of us Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) who are looking for the truth have.

Hopefully Mr. Sharpe will find THIS BLOG POSTING very informative and might see the glaring holes in the Jersey's Establishment's version of events?

"Seabird" said...

Jersey has operated in an atmosphere of corruption and greed at least since WW2. Doubters should read up on the case of Paisnel, the "Jersey Beast" who eluded detection for a long time, allegedly with the help of some of the Honorary Police. It was also widely believed that the then Governments in the 1980's and 1990's had a deal with the IRA to allow their "operatives" to rest up in a St. Brelade's campsite in return for committing no actions on Jersey which would harm its' standing as a tourism and financial centre.

Ben said...

Ah that old coconut eh Iain. It amazes me how quick a blog post can be put up before someone comes along with the coconut story, totally debunked in the interview but why let that bother you Iain on your quest for coconuts.