Monday, July 18, 2016

Call for the Spencer Davis Group to reunite for a gig in Birmingham

Researching my post on The Uglys' Wake Up My Mind yesterday, I came across this cry from the heart on the Brumbeat site:
The Spencer Davis Group was one of the most admired bands to come out of Birmingham in the 1960s. They were also one of the most successful with internationally known hit records like 'Keep On Running', 'Gimme Some Loving', and 'I'm A Man'. 
The aim of this petition is to show support for the original line-up of The Spencer Davis Group to re-unite and perform at Birmingham's Town Hall. Their drummer Pete York has requested support from fans of the BrumBeat web site to help this cause. In his own words "before time robs us of our facility to do so." 
The original line-up of the group was Spencer Davis, Steve Winwood, Muff Winwood, and Pete York. They have not performed on stage together as a group since 1967. 
We are losing more of our heroes from the 1960s with depressing regularity. It's not about money, It's About Time!
Perhaps not tactful, but then Muff Winwood himself has suggested that the Spencer Davis Group are the only group to top the singles chart in the 1960s whose members are all still alive.

There is more about the petition (which I shall be happy to sign) on the Birmingham Mail site:
It’s more than just a pipedream – John Woodhouse’s campaign has already received the backing of drummer Peter York, and the internet petition is gathering pace daily. 
John ... explains the appeal, and importance, of The Spencer Davis Group. 
“In those early days, half the groups in Birmingham were trying to be like The Shadows, the other half like The Beatles,” he explains. 
“But the Spencer Davis Group were different in that they had their own sound. A lot of bands went on to copy that sound.”
The photograph above, which was sent to me by the Catalina Island Museum, shows the band in the 1960s. I believe it comes from Spencer Davis's own collection. (Spencer Davis now lives on the island and in 2012 the museum held an exhibition devoted to the band.)

The video below shows what all the fuss is about.

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