Sunday, July 10, 2016

Andrea Leadsom decides to apologise and play the victim

Remember this and Andrea Leadsom's other tweets on the theme?

All that has changed.

Helped by a comically one-sided article in the Telegraph by my former classmate Allison Pearson, Leadsom has decided to apologise and play the victim.:
When I ask if she would like to apologise to Mrs May, she says: "I've already said to Theresa how very sorry I am for any hurt I have caused and how that article said completely the opposite of what I said and believe." 
She refuses to say how the message was conveyed to the Home Secretary, but she admits she has felt “under attack, under enormous pressure. It has been shattering.”
Given that we have all read and heard what Leadsom said, you have to wonder how the apology was received.

And if a week in the public gaze has been "shattering," you have to wonder whether Leadsom is remotely suitable for the role of prime minister.

Reading between the lines, it sounds as though Leadsom originally stood to make herself better known, assuming that Boris Johnson would emerge as the Leave candidate.

Suddenly, Johnson and Gove took one another out and she found herself one of the final two candidates.
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
For her sake and the sake of the country, Leadsom should now stand down from the contest.


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Andrea Leadsom
When quoted accurately said some
Journalists were only fit for the gutter
But personally I think they saved us from a nutter.