Sunday, July 17, 2016

Six of the Best 612

Stephen Williams suggests that a progressive alliance could transform British politics.

"The lesson I take from what’s happened in both our main political parties is that you never win an argument by pandering to it, or ignoring it and simply hoping it goes away. You win by taking the argument head on." Read the keynote speech to Reform's 2016 annual dinner by Liz Kendall.

Jonathan Fryer explains why he has written Eccles Cakes - a childhood memoir.

"Bands now look at ticket sales, or engagement on social media as indicators of their reach and impact. And those are the things, rather than hit singles, which traditionally sustain careers." Mark Savage says the singles chart is now almost irrelevant.

Join A London Inheritance on a photographic exploration of the building of the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank after the Second World War.

Paul Talling discovers the source of the River Lea and traces its early course through Luton.

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