Saturday, July 23, 2016

Liberator on Liberal Democrat candidate selections

The new Liberator arrived this morning, so I am able to give you a snippet from the well-informed Radical Bulletin section.

Looking at the fast-track selections the Liberal Democrats have used in some seats in case there is an early general election, it says:
In addition to most seats held until 2015, or in some cases 2010, there were some deeply puzzling choices. 
These included: Leyton & Wanstead (5th place with 5.7% of the vote), Poplar & Limehouse (5th 4.2%), Esher & Walton (4th, 9.4%), Birmingham Edgbaston (5th, 9.2%) and Canterbury (4th, 11.6%). 
Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceThe list did not include Maidstone, at which ludicrous levels of resources were hurled to no great effect last year, or some surviving second places such as Newton Abbot and Romsey.
The moral is clear: you should subscribe to Liberator.

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