Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Now Pokemon Go players are fighting crime

Last week I suggested that this blog's hero Malcolm Saville would have approved of Pokemon Go because it gets young people out of doors.

A story in York's daily paper The Press suggests he would have approved of the game even more as it is causing them to fight crime:
Police have launched an investigation into the theft of a memorial plaque in York - as a Pokemon Go player came forward to help pinpoint when it went missing. 
The Press reported yesterday how the family of Richard Horrocks was distraught at the disappearance of the plaque from a balcony over the River Ouse, exactly five years after the 21-year-old bar tender drowned after jumping in at the end of his last shift ... 
But now a Kay Garbett has contacted The Press to say she knew with certainty that it was there last Tuesday, as she was playing Pokemon Go that day and captured a picture showing a Pokemon across the river above his plaque. 
Pokemon Go is the game in which people travel around the real world using their mobile phones to capture and train the creatures known as Pokemon. 
Kay said: "I am pretty certain it was there on Saturday afternoon but cannot 100 per cent remember if I visited that pokestop that day as I was unwell and it’s all a bit of a blur, But I was in the area and likely that I did, and I would have noticed if it was gone."
It's not quite up there with Saville's Lone Pine Club, who foiled criminals and discovered buried treasure on a regular basis, but every little helps.

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