Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Six of the Best 613

Caron Lindsay can't recommend the Social Liberal Forum conference highly enough.

"To say that voters should not be allowed to change their minds when they see what the withdrawal terms actually are would be deeply undemocratic." Alan Renwick considers the possibility of a second referendum on Brexit.

Vaughan Bell examines why are paranoia and schizophrenia more common in cities.

"I cannot help but feel that I would not have heard such comments from the strangers I spoke with had I been a young twenty-something male travelling alone on this adventure. I truly believe the comments stem from the fact that I am a woman." Leilani on female solitude as a challenging act.

"I Could Go On Singing isn’t a movie: it’s a 99 minute heartbreak." Nathaniel Hood watches Judy Garland's last film, which paired her with Dirk Bogarde.

Tim Wigmore meets the Joyces - the first family of Irish cricket.

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