Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pew! Andrew Bridgen and the potato factory

Residents of the Leicestershire village of Measham are complaining about a foul smell that has plagued the village for years.

One of them, Peter Yates, is quoted by the Leicester Mercury:
"Here we are again, another warm spell when one likes to enjoy the outdoors and have the house windows open. 
"But here in Measham, for yet another year, we can't." 
He added: "Despite all the rhetoric and assurances from the offenders, A B Produce, with their annual fobbing off to both the local council and Environment Agency, the stench is actually worse than ever, to the point of being nauseating."
The A B Produce plant, which residents blame for the smell, is run by a company founded by Measham's MP Andrew Bridgen.

At one time, judging by this BBC report, Mr Bridgen derived a substantial income from the company that runs the factory. Today he just declares a shareholding in the House of Commons Register of Members' Financial Interests.

You can read about past litigation over the Measham Stink, and the company's insistence that it is about to resolve the problem, in the Mercury report.

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