Saturday, July 16, 2016

Labour: Now the two unity candidates are fighting each other

From tomorrow's Observer:
The Labour party has been engulfed by fresh infighting as the camps of the two potential “unity candidates” set to fight Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership embarked on their own war of words. 
On the eve of a pivotal week for the party, one MP supporting Angela Eagle accused rival Owen Smith of using “sneaky tactics” to manoeuvre himself into being the sole challenger. 
Meanwhile a senior MP supporting Smith claimed there was an overwhelming consensus that only one candidate should emerge, and warned that currently supportive MPs would not give Eagle their nomination if she did not swiftly recognise the situation. 
"Angela needs to be very careful," said the source. "I can understand her position having come out first, but it is not a question of who deserves to be leader; it is about the best possible candidate to beat Jeremy."
On the surface it is funny: deep down it is tragic.

But I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that it will take at least one defeat under a hard left leader to bring the Labour membership to its senses.

And I remember the crap that good Liberal Democrats took from Labour for five years.

So I shall take Lord Bonkers' advice and point at Labour and roar with laughter.

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