Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Six of the Best 609

"The Article 50 process, and the system of rules that it is embedded in, is designed to make life very difficult. The UK was involved in designing the system, just as much as any other country. Indeed, the process means that no one would trigger it unless they were willing to risk paying a extraordinary economic price." Alex's Archives on the folly of Brexit.

"Those who believe in the open politics and the open society will still need to carry the unconvinced, but in the end the closed society can not deliver the prosperity that the open can." Cicero's Songs speculates on the shape of Britain in the years after Brexit.

Eunice Goes looks at Ed Miliband's failed attempt to revive Labour.

Cahal Moran, Zach Ward-Perkins, and Joe Earle criticise 'econocracy' - a society in which political goals are defined in terms of their effect on the economy; and the economy itself is believed to be a distinct system with its own logic that requires experts to manage it.

Why are there so few Conservatives in academia? An anonymous contributor to Quora has some ideas (in America at least).

Alastair McKay traces the unexpected connection between Winston Churchill and the Glastonbury Festival.

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