Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nick Clegg rejoins the Liberal Democrat front bench

On 10 July I blogged about the Conservative leadership:
For her sake and the sake of the country, Leadsom should now stand down from the contest.
The following day she did just that.

Sometimes it takes a little longer. On 7 July I wrote:
What would be welcome ... would be Nick Clegg taking on the Europe and foreign affairs for the Liberal Democrats, 
His party needs him and his country does too.
This afternoon came news (so far only via Twitter) that Nick Clegg is going to take on the European portfolio for the Lib Dems.

To be honest, I have been calling for him to do that ever since the last election. But if people have finally started to take notice of me I shall call for more things in future.

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Unknown said...

The Cleggster for Europe and foriegn affairs. I hope he gets his teeth into Boris and has him for breakfast but be aware he is a devious creature.