Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Watch Michael Gove in his brief career as a yoof broadcaster

This is a trailer for a 1993 show called A Stab in the Dark that Michael Gove hosted alongside David Baddiel and Tracey Macleod.

I have the feeling that Chris Morris watched it closely.

Tracey Macleod remembered it for the Guardian today:
It was pretty clear from the first week that the show was a turkey, with any humour that may have appeared in our monologues stifled at birth by a shooting style that exposed the presenters as three sarcastic students shouting in an underground car park.
And she remembered Michael Gove in particular:
David and I did share the occasional canteen sandwich with our mysterious colleague, but we might as well have been lunching with a unicorn, so different was he from us or anyone else we knew. Apart from his politeness, and his apparent acid reflux problem, he didn’t really register as an actual person. 
It came as a surprise when a big group of his friends turned up to cheer him on from the studio audience, loudly applauding at the end of his sections and staying silent at the end of ours. At the time, I remember being amazed that he had friends at all, and that they looked relatively normal. But in retrospect maybe it was an early attempt at a putsch.

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