Sunday, July 31, 2016

The derelict Riverside Inn, Oundle

What I have learnt in my travels is that ever you see a building described as an 'eyesore' you should go and photograph it. It will have an interesting story and one day some well-meaning person will pull it down.
That is what I wrote after visiting Tur Langton.

If you read the this paper on tourism from Oundle Town Council you will discover that the town's old Riverside Inn is another eyesore. In fact, many residents commenting on the document hold that its revival or demolition holds the key to the prosperity of the town.

So naturally I photographed it.

The Riverside Inn stands across the road from the town's former railway station. I can recall the latter standing alone and empty in the 1970s. Today it has been restored as a family home and has new houses around it.

What is new is the Nene Valley Brewery and the Tap & Kitchen on the other side of the river on the way back into Oundle,

Highly recommended.

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