Friday, July 01, 2016

Welcome to the new Liberal Democrat bloggers

Two blogs were added to the LibDemBlogs aggregator in June. Thanks as ever to Ryan Cullen for sending me this information.

John Anderson has just joined the Liberal Democrats after previously resisting joining any party. Here he takes a random walk through the rubble of Brexit:
The single biggest value-added employers in the country -  the investment banks - are deserting the ship like rats. One could make an argument that Brexit is simply giving them an excuse to pull the trigger on drastic restructurings. 
Maybe, maybe not. But the reality is those jobs which pay well above the national average will no longer be on offer unless you want to move to New York, Frankfurt or Singapore. pursuit of nuance... is written by Lucy Salek, who has just joined the Lib Dems too. (She is already a member of the Women's Equality Party.) Here she writes on her experience of attending the World Humanitarian Summit:
It was only when I began work for Islamic Relief on understanding how Islam provides a basis for humanitarian action, development, focusing particularly Islamic understandings on conflict and peace, that I began to experience first-hand the separation (and occasional hostility) to the role of religion and faith communities in the humanitarian world. Over the past three years, I am glad to say I have seen this changing.
If you have a blog you would like to appear here next month, please add it to LibDemBlogs.

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