Saturday, December 24, 2016

Advent Calendar 24: Redmire in the snow

I was a student at York in the days when, if you opened a magazine, an envelope for you to send off your films for cheap processing fell out.

In those days I had a basic camera - it was almost certainly this one,

This photograph is of the milepost at Redmire on the Wensleydale branch, Today it is a heritage railway, but in those days it was still a freight line operated by British Rail.

Occasionally, BR would provide a Saturday passenger service allowing people from Wensleydale visits to shop in York and people from the city to visit the Dales.

This photo must have been taken on 25 April 1981. I can date it because the snow was so unseasonably late.

And it was so heavy that we were agreeably surprised that the trains were still running.

I took a lot of photographs in those days.

The bad news is that I eventually threw most of them away,

The good news is that I kept a couple of albums of the best of them and now own a scanner.

In 2017 Liberal England will be the go to blog for 35-year-old railway photos.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this Advent calendar - click on that link to see all 24 pictures.

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