Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Sun says York is flooded. It's not

York's daily paper The Press reports:
The Sun has come under fire today after claiming that York was this week facing flood misery ... 
The blunder was on page 12 of Wednesday's edition of the newspaper, in a wider report about weather. 
It said: "York yesterday bore the brunt of weather chaos as floods wrecked homes and shops, a year after similar devastation last Christmas."

A photograph of Walmgate during the 2015 floods was used in the newspaper, captioned: "Flood misery... York yesterday."
I like this comment below the story:
The Daily Mail has gone one further and attributed the current flooding in York to Syrian refugees. Meanwhile David Silvester from UKIP has claimed it's further evidence of God's wrath against gays, and Arron Banks has written a letter saying it's all down to EU directives. Several letters will appear in The Press tomorrow asking why they haven't dredged the river yet.

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