Saturday, December 17, 2016

Six of the Best 652

"We are entitled to understand the legal framework in which we are operating because on the basis of that framework decisions will be made which will affect people in this country for generations to come." Jolyon Maugham, the man behind a new Brexit legal challenge, talks to Business Insider.

Nicola Hodgson, case officer for commons, greens and open spaces for the Open Spaces Society, gives us a snapshot of her work.

Father Christmas and Santa Claus were once very different figures. David Castleton is our guide to the changing folklore about them.

Alastair Cook is not a great England captain, but no one seems to mind very much. Barney Ronay suspects this is because cricket is no longer a national sport.

Alex says pop stars should stop getting into James Corden's car.

Tom Cox pays a lovely tribute to his cat The Bear - better known as My Sad Cat - who has died aged 21.

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