Friday, December 23, 2016

Six of the Best 653

Andrew Roberts surveys past prime ministers' memoirs. James Callaghan and Tony Blair come out of it best.

"Gove himself is a classic Folk Horror figure. A man lost in his own limited capacity for abstraction, seemingly unconnected with the world in which his decisions take effect, and unaware of how it views him." James Cooray-Smith draws parallels between the folk horror genre and the personalities of Brexit Britain.

A London Inheritance reprints pages from Hitler Passed This Way - a 1945 publication showing the city before and after the Blitz.

"I was with my father and they were filming a take, George C Scott walks up the bank leading to the building, unlocks the door and as he enters, unceremoniously knocks his top hat off on the low beamed door." Mr Mids on Shrewsbury's ties to A Christmas Carol.

We're going underground with Matt Brown to explore London’s top 10 tunnels and catacombs.

Madeline Salzman explains how the colour red became central to our Christmas celebrations.

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