Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Six of the Best 650

"For Trump as for Putin, reality is something that can be molded or outright dismissed when it would prove damning. It is now up to U.S. institutions, the media, and the American people to declare that a world in which facts don’t matter is not a reality we want to live in." Former Russia Today presenter Liz Wahl sees the hallmarks of Putin’s propaganda style in the way Trump is treating reality.

Chris Grayling is misleading Southern passengers, argues Paul.

Bradley L Garrett and Adam Fish decry the privatisation of urban airspace.

"That’s what characters in Dickens do: they step out of the novels and they roam the world." Jenny Hartley recommends five books on Charles Dickens.

Thomas Mallon reviews a new biography of Beryl Bainbridge.

Lynne About Loughborough looks at Swithland slate.

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