Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Six of the Best 648

"His answers to Marr was like me at the despatch box pissed out of my skull at the Oxford Union. And I have done that a few times. But I am not the Foreign Secretary." Jerry Hayes on Boris Johnson there.

Peter Wrigley has been to see I am Daniel Blake.

"Those harking back to 'when Britain was great' perhaps forget that it was also characterised by our opening our doors to those in need." Barbara Fox draws parallels between wartime evacuation and the plight of refugees today.

As diggers move in to demolish 200-year-old buildings on Dalston Lane, Katharina Schöffmann and Russell Parton look back at the campaign to save them.

Andy Paciorek offers a paean to Peter Vaughan, who died today,

"When it comes, it seems unlikely the renaissance of this country’s spin bowling will be brought about by doosras, carrom balls or flippers. This is England – so it’s far more likely it will be someone landing the ball on the stumps, ball after ball." James Coyne meets Somerset's Jack Leach, who may just be the man to do it.

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