Thursday, December 15, 2016

Liberal Democrats jump to best poll rating in five years

Good news in the Evening Standard:
The Liberal Democrats have jumped to their best poll rating in five years after the Richmond Park by-election, an exclusive poll reveals today. 
Their vote is up from 10 to 14 points in the monthly Ipsos MORI Political Monitor survey - their biggest share since August 2011. 
At the same time, leader Tim Farron’s personal ratings have improved, with satisfaction in his performance rising from 23 per cent to 27. 
And the research found the Lib-Dems a clear five points ahead of Ukip, who are also up slightly.
We have been waiting for a winnable by-election to give the party a boost, and it duly seems to have happened. All that talk of a Liberal Democrat fightback, seen first in rising membership and then in local by-election gains, seems to have been justified.

If 14 per cent still sounds disappointing, we should not forget that our poll ratings have rarely been much higher.

I sensed that the press was starting to take Tim Farron more seriously a couple of weeks before polling day.

A Liberal Democrat revival would make a good story, and Labour is in such a mess at the moment that it is unlikely to come up with a competing one.

Warning note: It's only one poll, ratings can go down as well as up and your house may be at risk if you do not keep up payments.

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