Saturday, December 17, 2016

Duchess of Sutherland passes through Market Harborough

Yesterday there was a news item in the Northamptonshire Telegraph:
Steam engine enthusiasts are being warned that a locomotive which was scheduled to pass over the Harringworth Viaduct tomorrow will now not do so. 
The Duchess of Sutherland steam engine is to depart from London on Saturday morning taking passengers to York, stopping at St Albans, Luton, Bedford and Kettering. 
It was then due to leave the Midland Main Line and pass through Corby train station and over the famous Harringworth Viaduct. 
But a spokesman for the Railway Touring Company, which is running the train, said for operational reasons the route will now go straight to Leicester after leaving Kettering. 
The Duchess of Sutherland is due to stop at Kettering at 9.47am.
It's a shame to miss a trip over the Welland Viaduct, but the change of plan meant that the Duchess of Sutherland would be coming through Market Harborough.

So this morning I turned up at the station with my camera, joining a small group of enthusiasts who seen the same story.

She arrived about an hour later than advertised, but the station staff were kind and kept us informed of her progress. The class 47 on the rear of the train was a bonus.

After she had gone I caught the next train to Leicester, where she was still waiting in the station when I arrived. I shall share those photos another time.

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